About Paragon

    We created Paragon to do more for you as our client.

    At Paragon, we build fiduciary relationships with investors—including professional athletes—who are seeking a trusted advisor and a secure future. Being a fiduciary means that our entire team has a legal duty to serve only your best interests. Paragon also has no ties to a parent company, which avoids common conflicts of interest. We believe this is the very best way to help you achieve your goals for yourself and your family. With our disciplined process and uniquely tailored solutions, you can grow wealth, provide for your family, plan your ideal retirement, and achieve your dreams.

    Enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing you can rely on us for whatever you need.

    We closely oversee all aspects of your financial life, from comprehensive wealth management to family office services. We offer a collaborative environment with a team of experts and a highly responsive support staff. Together, we take care of everything you and your family need in one trusted place. As a high-touch, service-oriented firm, we continually look out for you. At every life stage, we provide specific guidance for where you are—simplifying complexities and communicating transparently.

    Our Integrated Services

    Trusted fiduciary relationships

    Personalized financial guidance

    Exceptional client service

    Effective strategies and solutions

    Private Wealth Management

    • Cash flow and retirement solutions
    • Investment management
    • Estate, tax, and charitable planning
    • Banking and lending facilities and analysis

    Family Office

    • Accounting, tax, legal & insurance services
    • Real estate solutions
    • Direct business ownership analysis
    From first steps all the way to achieving your goals, we stand beside you and your family

    We follow a disciplined five-step process:

    1. Listen closely to learn all about you and your concerns, obligations, and dreams.
    2. Carefully evaluate your situation and talk about your vision for your family legacy.
    3. Develop a financial plan together that includes starting an ongoing risk/reward discussion.
    4. Execute an investment strategy with an appropriate asset allocation to match your goals.
    5. Consistently revisit your financial plan, allocation, and risk limits to keep you on track.

    Paragon’s company culture is built on a foundational commitment to you and your family. We work to help you enjoy life now while securing the future and preserving assets for generations to come.

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