Private Wealth Management

    Helping you grow, manage, and preserve your wealth is at the heart of our support for you.

    To create the strategic solutions you need, we look at both present and future. What possibilities does your cash flow analysis suggest? What are the best ways to save for college or retirement? What new investment opportunities might you want to consider? We carefully research your best options and discuss our findings with you. To help your family preserve assets, we also provide personalized financial education to promote family harmony. The financial plan we build for you and your family becomes the guide we use to track progress towards the goals we map out together.

    We aim to help you and your family enjoy the present more fully and the future more securely.

    At Paragon, we use a disciplined process to customize a diversified, well-balanced portfolio for you. We stay on top of financial sector developments, but our focus is always on what will serve you best. Our asset allocation models include a wide range of traditional and alternative investments that aim to minimize volatility and maximize returns. We strive for complete transparency and welcome your involvement in every aspect of decision-making.

    We focus on your family with a multigenerational perspective that includes legacy goals.

    By integrating estate planning with your overall strategy, we can help ensure that your legacy wishes will be met. Advance planning provides security for your loved ones by enabling an orderly transfer of assets and helping to reduce or eliminate estate taxes. For business owners, providing for business continuity and ownership succession is essential. You can rely on us to simplify the complexities of estate planning by making it a natural part of our ongoing financial discussions and decisions.

    Helping to shield your wealth is a top priority.

    We continually work to integrate tax management with all of your goals—including estate, retirement, and business objectives—in order to minimize your current and future tax liabilities. By identifying potential tax issues as they arise, we help you avoid last minute surprises. This systematic tax planning is an essential element of the tax preparation process. If you choose to take advantage of it, Paragon offers you seamless integration of tax planning and tax preparation through our Family Office services.

    Your philanthropic choices are an important pillar in your wealth management strategy

    Charitable giving allows you to express your values even beyond your own lifetime. It also provides you and your family with additional benefits in the form of significant tax advantages. There is considerable flexibility in how charitable gifts can be made. We help you customize philanthropic structures to maximize both your impact and your tax savings. These include charitable trusts, donor advised funds, and charitable bequests

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