February 2024 Market Update

February 13, 2024

Our analysis of recent data leads us to conclude that U.S. consumers have more horsepower than we thought.

January 2024 Market Update

January 4, 2024

Recently, the 30-year mortgage rate dipped below 7% for the first time since August and the 10-year Treasury yield dropped below 4% for the first time since...

December 2023 Market Update

December 6, 2023

The third-quarter earnings season is largely completed. As usual, it turned out much better than Wall Street expected.

November 2023 Market Update

November 8, 2023

As U.S. interest rates have surged, yield-hungry investors are moving toward U.S. securities to take advantage, thus boosting the dollar.

October 2023 Market Update

October 11, 2023

The U.S. economy generated 336,000 new jobs in September, well above our forecast and consensus expectations.

September 2023 Market Update

September 13, 2023

As we see it, economic trends in China bear watching closely — for many reasons. China is an $18 trillion economy and represents about 19% of the...