Family Office Services

    We offer a full range of efficient accounting services as well as a disciplined tax consulting and preparation program

    You can count on us for help with all of your family financial life needs. Paragon provides you with bookkeeping, general ledger reporting, and financial statement preparation including personal financial statements. We also manage coordinated bill pay services and computerized payroll services. Throughout the year, we work to help create tax efficiencies to lessen your burden at tax filing time.

    We scour the insurance marketplace to find you the best combination of coverage and cost.

    Wealth is a means for protecting those you love, and we work hard to make sure that you and your family are prepared for the unexpected. At Paragon, we use insurance as an important tool for supporting your financial planning goals. Our professionals analyze your needs and design an insurance program to effectively protect your family’s income and assets.

    As your family’s needs increase, so does the importance of gathering a team of expert advisors. 

    We provide access to legal counsel and work with them on your behalf across an array of issues including tax concerns, asset protection, real estate, entity formation, and litigation support. By working closely together, we help ensure that a legal decision in one area does not unintentionally impact other areas. The personalized guidance and service coordination we offer is tailored to meet your complex needs and unique circumstances.

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